Some photo's from our 'Troops' on the Isle of Man - if you have any photo's of us at events that we have attended we would love to see them and would gladly post them on our site. 

If we have posted a photograph that you find offensive or would prefer for us not to publish please contact us and we will remove it.

Email -- manxtroopers@hotmail.co.uk

Thank you in advance.

 Snow Trooper and Jawa out in the Manx Snow

Sandtrooper 2 

Bikerscout  aka 'mini-trooper' or so the kids reckon....

Darth Vader entering The Strand via Glass Elevator  

The immense Darth accompanied by the equally immense Jawa Utinni

Some of The Crew  

Darth took time out from his busy schedule to switch the IOM christmas lights on - no official switch was needed of course as Darth used the power of The Force.

Accompanied by 2 StormTroopers he certainly made his presence felt.

Camera Droid .............. 

Odro (Null-11) & Bikerscout 

Plus the Russell-Dunn Kids

The Group  - Star Wars Fun Day Sat 10th Sept 2011 to promote the launch of the Star Wars box set Blu-ray release

 Sandtrooper 1

Jawa - Utinni ! 

 Darth - need we say more.....

Clone plus kids = fun  

The troopers don't take any crap from Emo Droids .......