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Impromptu troop around town with biker scout during T.T. Week got a lot of attention and we raised £67 for our local charity - Wish Upon A Dream - Thank you to everyone who donated x

And it goes on...what stars for sure. Thanks guys, I 

I'm off to grant a wish tomorrow for an amazing 

little really have no idea how important 

your generosity is xxx

Wish Upon A Dream IOM

Lesley and Karen from Wish Upon A Dream (WUAD) want to thank everyone who showed support and donated money to both the troopers and the charity for being such stars and raising money that will go towards a worthy cause.

A big thank you to you all 

MANX TROOPERS - And just when the last cheque

has arrived these amazing people have gone off 

out again collecting after Hairspray and 

accumulated another £238 for Wish Upon A 

Dream..............lovely, gorgeous people, THANK 

YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. And a big X from 

all the children you help xx

Thanks to all the guys and gals in The Manx Troopers for their fantastic support on Saturday May the 4th 2013 event at The Strand Shopping Center. You helped us raise £227.75 for DASH, helping families affected by drug use. 

Sincere thanks to all of you and to everyone who gave on the day. Much appreciated and had good fun 

Thank You x

Thank you to everyone who "trooped" and helped on Sunday at the Villa Gaiety. With the collection and donation from the orchestra we raised £275 for Wish Upon A Dream

Two more lovely cheques arrived today from the fabulous Manx Troopers who constantly support Wish Upon A Dream and help to grant wishes. The money they have raised so far has more than paid for a whole wish, possibly two. Thank you to you all, you are so kind and I am so proud to be associated with you. XXX